Rural Development Centre Association Cameroon

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About Us

VISION: RUDEC envision a Cameroon where the underprivileged are free from all social ills

MISSION: We are igniting passion and creative solutions for the underprivileged in rural communities to solve social problems through sustainable livelihoods programs.

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-To help the underprivileged (orphan children, youth, families without resources) receive an education, job training and small business development, health and nutritional assistance.

-To build the capacities of communities on modern bee farming and the transformation of bee byproducts.

-To mitigate poverty though the socio-economic empowerment.

-To help reduce the spread of early pregnancy and diseases (HIV/AIDS),

by providing patient support, behavioral change education,screening, and improved sanitation and hygiene.-To mobilize communities and their youth to be fully involved inenvironmental protections.-To promote tourism in Cameroon as a means of economic empowerment.