Études sans Frontières International

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About Us

Études Sans Frontières International is the umbrella organisation for ESF chapters who provide support to motivated young people from war and crisis regions in their studies to enable them to implement their own development projects.

Etudes Sans Frontières International (ESF-I, Studies Without Borders) is the newly established international framework organisaton of national ESF chapters. It has two major objectives:

1. Defining common values and approaches for all national chapters and ensuring that they are respected in all our work.

2. Facilitating the exchange between the national chapters and providing support and consultation to improve our work.

To work towards the second objective, three support groups have been set up: organisational development, fundraising and public relations, and programme support. The three groups collect and synthesise lessons learnt from the different chapters, as well as useful input from external sources and based on this provide active consultation on demand to the local ESF chapters.