Early Alert Canines

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About Us

Early Alert Canines is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the lives of insulin-dependent diabetics by training, placing and providing recertification services of Diabetic Alert assistance dogs.

Early Alert Canines works with insulin-dependent diabetics of all ages and specializes in "skilled companion" dogs who work with families with young diabetic children.

Diabetic alert dogs are trained to notify their handlers that the diabetic is experiencing the biochemical changes that happen, undetected by the diabetic and current consumer technology, at the onset of blood sugar changes. The biochemical changes give off a scent that humans cannot recognize, but dogs, with their superior sense of smell, react to quickly. Early Alert Canines provide just that: an early warning which allows the diabetic or diabetic caretaker to avoid acutely dangerous low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).