42nd Street Moon

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San Francisco
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About Us

42nd Street Moon celebrates and preserves the art and spirit of the American Musical Theatre. We contribute to its evolution and continuing vitality by presenting intimately produced performances of classic and rarely performed musical works. Through our productions, educational programs, and community outreach, we are committed to increasing the awareness and appreciation of the rich heritage and cultural perspective of the musical theatre and its vast influence on the world stage.

42nd Street Moon, based in San Francisco, was one of only four theatre groups in the nation whose mission was to present staged concert performances of classic Broadway musicals of the 1920s through the 1970s. Actors held scripts in-hand throughout the performance, usually accompanied by a single piano, and there were no sets or elaborate costumes. The company continued in this concert format for 15 years, however, in 2008 we put down the scripts and added more musicians, costumes, choreography, and full blocking. While the props and scenery remain simple, 42nd Street Moon now presents fully staged musicals in an intimate setting, with no amplified sound, using only the natural voice and spare instrumentation, allowing audiences to focus on the performances and the craftsmanship of the material and the music. Moon mounts four to six productions every year and serves patrons from the Bay Area and beyond.