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About Us

The Algebra Project is a national network striving to improve mathematics achievement for students who previously have performed in the lowest quartile on standardized exams in mathematics and who have not been reached by existing efforts at education reform. The Project was founded in the mid-1980s by civil rights veteran Bob Moses and is guided by his vision.

The Algebra Project seeks to build the demand for math literacy in local sites across the country. Its goal is to address the lack of economic access that face children from low-income communities and communities of color. It aims at bringing about a sea change in the strategies of teachers and young people toward the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The Algebra Project involves the communities it serves. It has developed facilitation methods that include guides for large and small group work, combining methods learned during the Civil Rights Movement and those developed by university researchers.

The Algebra Project collaborates with local educators, activists, students, parents and community leaders, using its community-based organizing strategy that brings together community, youth and teacher development, along with its unique instructional materials.