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About Us

Our aim is to boost economic activity in Palestine, though promoting online self employment in Palestine.

Through self employment Palestinian people will gain more employment and skills.

With many people in Palestine unable to get around easily, and declining employment in traditional areas such as agriculture, there is a need to equip people with 21st century skills.

Tamyaz provides a means by which Palestinians can earn a living without having to travel. We are undertaking a roadshow to boost awareness in seven major Palestinian towns and cities in February 2014.

Our aim is to identify existing skills, and foster new ones, as well as providing information about methods of earning a living in the global economy.

Tamyaz is recognised as a charity by the UK's HMRC (Revenue and Customs), and all work is undertaken on a pro bono basis.

We are seeking one or two English - Arabic translators, a marketing and social media person, and anyone inside Palestine who can help, especially those already in self employment who can provide mentoring.