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About Us

The Executive Leadership Doctoral Program (ELP) in Human Resource Development (HRD) was created to help meet the complex learning challenges facing organizational leaders as they enter the 21st century. The program provides a forum through which students, their organizations, and the University can form a collaborative partnership built on innovative learning and performance solutions. Practitioners gain a greater understanding of their own leadership skills and strategic vision necessary to guide their organizations through continual change.

ELP focuses on the interrelationships among people, organizations and learning, while utilizing systemic change processes. The program encourages the learner to challenge assumptions through critical reflection, and fosters group and self-directed learning. Theory, research and practice are balanced throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to form learning communities to provide collective support, promote action learning, and model a learning culture. The cohort format provides ELP students with an advantage over the traditional doctoral studies model. The learning experience is collective, and individuals are allowed the opportunity to express talents and interests, discover new ones, and develop both as individuals and as a team as the cohort advances through the curriculum.