National Women's Political Caucus

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1001 Connecticut Ave., NW
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About Us

Founded in 1971, the National Women's Political Caucus (known as NWPC or the Caucus) is the only multi-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to increasing the number of pro-choice women in elected and appointed office. More than 50,000 women participate in the Caucus' activities each year.

NWPC identifies and recruits pro-choice women for election to all levels of government. The Caucus trains women candidates and campaign workers on how to run winning campaigns, and supports them with volunteers, financial and technical assistance. NWPC also prepares and promotes women for appointment to public office.

The national Caucus initiates activities from Washington, while hundreds of state and local Caucus chapters reach out to women in communities across the country, taking action to improve the status of women.