Empowerment through Integration

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About Us

ETI is dedicated to eliminating societal barriers by integrating disabled youth into their societies. We believe that with the proper considerations, circumstances can be arranged so that all are included in society regardless of disability.

Our current focus is providing blind children with the preliminary education they need to advocate for classroom inclusion. Over 300 million people in the world have visual impairments. Nearly 90% of these people live in developing countries. Financial restrictions and cultural stigmas have excluded visually impaired children from society, limited them to their homes or under-funded specialized schools.

ETI provies summer camps that include both blind and sighted children and resource libraries that provide adaptive technologies. These are tools that are used to allow blind students to access the same materials as their sighted peers. These programs instill self-confidence and self-sufficiency, and promote equal access to education. ETI will also advocate for job opportunities and disability rights with the government and corporate sectors.