Nyee Hmya Kyin Community Based Paralegal Programme

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Myanmar [Burma]

About Us

Nyee Hmya Gyin is an exciting new initiative of the Sex Workers in Myanmar (SWiM), the Myanmar MSM Network (MMN) and the Myanmar National Drug-users Network (MNDN), and funded by Pyoe Pin. According to the National Strategic Plan II on HIV/AIDS 2011-15, for HIV to be addressed effectively, it is essential to protect the human rights of those vulnerable to infection and to reform laws that prevent an effective response to the epidemic. In order to address present legal challenges to the national HIV response among these three key populations, SWiM, MMN, and MNDN have come together to form a multi-level program to facilitate access to justice for their communities. With a focus on legal and rights education, information, representation and advocacy this project will strengthen individual persons (change agents) in Myanmar as well as key communities and networks. This will take advantage of existing strengths and knowledge in the key populations as well as new opportunities and entry points within Myanmar for civil society to create positive change, greater operating space, rule of law and contribute to the national health strategy for community systems strengthening.