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About Us

Gita for the Masses was formed to introduce humanity to universal spiritual teachings which outline a path of growth and transformation open to all mankind. People from any spiritual tradition, faith or religion can benefit from these teachings. We strive to provide individuals with a powerful toolbox of diverse techniques and knowledge to facilitate positive spiritual and material growth.When given the proper tools, people can learn to live balanced, successful and happy lives.

The basis of our inner discernment teachings uses the Bhagavad-Gita as a scriptural platform for integrated learning. What makes Gita for the Masses unique is the way in which Gita is being taught; from the perspective of the Divine Feminine, which honors this entire world and the process of life as equally important to the transcendent awareness found in deep meditation. When the Gita is revealed in this way, it becomes a potent scripture to overcome obstacles and be victorious in all aspects of life.

We also teach a powerful meditation technique called Meditation for Inner Victory to lead people back to their spiritual heart, perfom sacred ceremonies for the benefit of all mankind and teach a variety of workshops and intensives focused on dynamic living, sacred relationships, conscious use of money and matter, conscious empowerment and overall consciousness in action. We feel that people who relate to themselves through consciousness make better life decisions based on integrity and are able to be more effective leaders which can make larger societal change to benefit all of mankind.