Stage Door Conservatory

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About Us


Stage Door Conservatory nurtures the social, emotional and intellectual development of children using by the performing arts as a vehicle of learning. By supporting children to express themselves as theater artists and engage collaboratively with others in the creative process, we help them develop both confidence in themselves and their potential and greater acceptance, appreciation and respect for others.


STAGE DOOR CONSERVATORY was established in 1999 as an outgrowth of the Berkeley-Richmond Jewish Community Center’s OnStage program. We offer a variety of programs in musical theater to children in the 2nd through 12th grade, including KIDS ON STAGE, ON BROADWAY, TEENS ON STAGE and BACKSTAGE.

In addition to exemplary training and instruction in acting and vocal and dance technique, and the design and construction of stage sets and props, KIDS ON STAGE, ON BROADWAY and TEENS ON STAGE conclude with the performance of a play as a culminating experience, providing each child with an experience of performing as an actor in a fully-staged production.

During the weeks preceding each of our six annual productions, our cast and crew undergoes an intensive rehearsal process. Each child is guided through the process of developing his or her character/s and craft as a performer. In addition to the group ensemble-oriented training activities that are featured as a regular component of our programs, each child is also offered personalized coaching from our instructors and apprentices to nurture their talents and confidence as a developing performer.

Although many of our participants are committed actors, we welcome children with no prior experience, curious to explore or develop their interests in the theater arts, and create a warm, welcoming and supportive environment for learning. All our programs include a strong conservatory focus and emphasize the integral value and importance of each child’s contribution to our productions.