The Prevention Offensive: PREvent DEfense Programs

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About Us

The Prevention Offensive is a small non-profit made up of recovering volunteers who through PREvent DEfense Programs help middle and high school educators, help students make better choices regarding experimenting with drugs and underage drinking.  Recovering addicts share their experience with young people with the hope that some of them will NEVER have to share the same experience.  25-40% of that students who drink or smoke marijuana before the age of 20 find themselves with issues with addiction or alcoholism at some time in their lifetime.  AND the percentages are much higher if the kids are messing around with any other drugs such as prescription pills, ecstasy, meth or heroin.

The idea is for the kids to identify with the facilitators. The REALITY OF THE RISKS of are presented in unique metaphors/analogies.  Students are also given an assignment to write letters to the facilitators and this is where we often find kids that are asking for help.

We know more kids will make better choices with more identification with the speakers, insight from the speakers experience and information that is the REALITY of the Risk!