STEP, Pakistan


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About Us

STEP (Society for The Empowerment of People) is a registered non governmental organization associated with liberal and progressive groups. STEP's vision is to build a civil society guaranteeing peace, social & economic justice, liberal, and a democratic set up. STEP believes in upholding human values, which ensures equality, justice and non-discrimination.

STEP works for Human Rights, Women & Children Empowerment, HIV/AIDS & Drug Abuse and Environmental Education. STEP also develops networking & collaborating with the government departments, NGOs, CBOs and International Development Agencies.

In order to achieve its goals the STEP imparts education and advocacy programs at rural and urban level through its Literacy, Training & Awareness Centres, Community Meetings, Publication, Documentation, Conferences, Seminars, Workshop, Consultations, and Forums.

STEP is a member organization of The UNESCO ICCYM-Sweden, WCPRC-Sweden, BA/ SACCS-India, IANSA-London, WWSF-Switzerland, CRIN-London, EARTHACTION-USA, GPWD-India & CACL-Pakistan.