North American Land Trust

  • Pennsylvania


100 Hickory Hill Road
Chadds Ford
United States

About Us

In 1992 Andrew L. Johnson and a dedicated group of professionals established the North American Land Trust (NALT) with the primary purpose of preserving and managing open space with ecological, agricultural or historical significance.

NALT was formed to fill a specific niche within the conservation movement. It balanced conservation and land development, a marriage that was essentially unheard of among land trusts at the time. Emphasizing stewardship and alternative development designs, NALT adopted a very specific mission: to serve the natural landscape and the landowner in the best way possible. Remaining true to these ideals, the North American Land Trust refined and expanded on those conservation goals.

Unlike most land trusts, NALT works with landowners all over the United States, from the Pacific Northwest to New England. Most of the Conservation Easements that we hold can be found in the Southeast, a region with a high concentration of imperiled species.  Check out our map to see where we hold easements.

Our Mission is to promote long-term stewardship of our natural and cultural heritage by implementing successful private land conservation projects and promoting innovative land conservation techniques.