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About Us


Adaptive Leadership Network, Inc. is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Massachusetts. The Adaptive Leadership Network educates the public about adaptive leadership by (i) conducting educational classes, workshops, seminars, conferences about adaptive leadership, (ii) publishing educational materials about adaptive leadership, and (iii) providing scholarships for adaptive leadership courses or conferences.   

We live in extraordinary and unprecedented times. Our interdependent world challenges each of us globally and locally to practice leadership that is both transforming and adaptive.

Transforming because we need to change our very approach to leadership and citizenship.

Adaptive because sustainable change demands that we create new capacity that both builds from and takes root in the cultures of our organizations and societies.

Our mission is to catalyze, connect and support leadership capacity to meet the challenges facing our world. We are creating a thought-leadership epicenter and leadership-in-action meeting place. At scale, we will become a powerful international network of skilled and committed people, activating the richness of our collective experience to sustain and improve our world. With your help, we will bolster current leaders and prepare the next generation of change makers.

We are a network of public servants, military officers, executives, politicians, social activists, community leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and consultants, all dedicated to making the world a better place.

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