United voices to Serve Forest and Environment (USFE)

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Santa Barbara Yaoundé
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About Us

United voices to Serve Forest and Environment (USFE) was created in 2014 as an association and Non-Profit Organization with the aim to mobilize the expertise of multidisciplinary volunteers in the governance of natural ecosystems; in order to pool their knowledge for this noble cause.

Our main concern is to mobilize the multidisciplinary expertise which contributes to the governance of natural ecosystems.

In the framework of our missions and according to the records, we are called to work together according to the case with a network of national and international partners.

Our target group remains the decentralized local councils, custodians of forests, whose role is fundamental in the current context, where everything must be implemented to promote the initiatives relating to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.


- To ensure the preservation of the balance of natural ecosystems of African countries and beyond;

- To be specific, place young people and the local councils at the center of the preservation of the environment;

- Work to ensure that the forest contributes to poverty alleviation.

Our Vision

- The different ecosystems contribute to the mitigation of climate change and food security;

Also,our priorities of intervention are the following: