About Us

LETS GO VOLUNTEER is a Colombian non profit organization that helps out in diverse grassroots projects. It takes place in a mid-size city named Ibague, located 200 kms south of Bogotá, capital of our country.

We offer the following volunteer opportunities:

:: Helping in our Children Center :: Working in our Shelter for Elderly Homeless :: Tutoring Single Mothers :: Program of Feeding the Homeless :: Sexual Education for teenagers :: Helping Sexual Workers with Religious Communities :: Environmental Program

Also the students can take courses of their interest in The University of Ibague, which are included in the fee. As we work in association with the university.

We realized that some of the volunteers might be scared by the image that the media portraits of Colombia, however things are quite different and the programs are safe for volunteers, as the city where it takes place is very tranquil. Our website, where you can see more of our organization is: www.letsgovolunteer.com