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Camotes Islands


About Us is a nonprofit non-government organization committed to providing volunteering assistance to the residents of the Camotes Islands in the province of Cebu in the Philippines.

Our Foundation is dedicated to providing relief, in the form of regional and international volunteering, in the battle against poverty, to promote health and wellness, and to overcome environmental challenges.

Our aim is to utilize exposure to global volunteers as a tool for progress for the residents of the Camotes Islands, to lend a helping hand to those who need help the most. aims to eradicate the cycle of poverty, one person or child at a time, through the dedication and goodwill of volunteers all around the world.

Our campaign is focused on providing the Camotes Islands’ adults and schoolchildren with: 1) exposure to international education 2) access to educational sponsorship and lending programs 3) awareness of health & wellbeing 4) awareness of environmental impacts and recovery.

Volunteer Camotes Foundation pledges to build the future for impoverished people of the Camotes Islands based on the following beliefs:1) Poverty can be alleviated through education.2) Hunger can be alleviated through sustainable agriculture and fisheries 3) Life can be sustained through environmental preservation.