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USAID Democracy Fellows and Grants (DFG) Program

USAID’s Democracy Fellows Program was initiated first in 1995 to promote democratic practices in emerging and transitional democracies by placing experienced DRG professionals within USAID. The current DFG program, effective from September 2012 – September 2017, is designed 1) to develop a pool of committed professionals at the junior, mid-, and senior levels; 2) to strengthen relations between USAID and academic, think tank, and research organizations; and 3) to promote research and innovative solutions to DRG programs.The program offers two types of opportunities to engage experts, students, and academic institutions in supporting USAID programming and policy: 1) fellowships to junior, mid-level, and senior DRG professionals and 2) grants to academic or research institutions working in the DRG fields. The fellowships include full-time Democracy Fellows as salaried IIE positions with benefits, as well as short-term Fellows, part-time Fellows, and Interns in order to allow scholars or students with long-term commitments to other academic and research institutions also to contribute to building USAID’s technical leadership in democracy promotion. Please visit the DFG site for more information on the program.