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About Us

Foundation, Tasks and Objectives of KIHO

We, the founders of KIHO, have already conducted several projects, concerning environment, sanitation/water, employment, health and education. Due to our long term experience and trustful cooperation with the local communities, we are aware of the problems and needs in the Kilimanjaro Region. In order to unite our expertise, experience and network capacity, and to create a base for broad and formalized progress in the local communities we founded KIHO in 2010.
We offer consultancy services and intermediate between citizens and institutions in order to create awareness of possible improvements of the standards of living in the local communities of Kilimanjaro Region. Improvements can be derived from efficiency gains of existing production methods, through creation of new employment opportunities and rendering of social services. We operate through different approaches and strategies like village meetings, seminars, workshops and study tours.
By building on unity and solidarity of our members and development partners, and by providing transparent and reliable services, we seek to achieve integrated and sustainable development and to provide Relief and Emergency Humanitarian Assistance in Kilimanjaro Region.