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About Us

The School of Leadership and Development (SLD) of Eastern University's Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CCGPS) is part of a lengthy tradition, guided by the University's focus on faith, reason and justice.

Our thousands of graduates are working in nonprofit, for-profit, state, government, and multilateral organizations in the United States and around the world. We have endeavored to build on this history by continuing to craft our programs so that they are academically rigorous, intense, and current, rooted in God's Word, and geared towards preparing you for a lifetime of service.

Towards this end, we focus on creating a content and curriculum for our programs that is highly practical and concentrates on day-to-day realities. We believe in an educational progression that is "bottom up," moving from the pragmatic world upward to concept and theory and back once again to practical application. We emphasize the importance of a learner-driven approach, one that builds on self-discovery in which faculty serve as coaches and mentors rather than just as expert information givers presenting prepackaged truths and conclusions.

In striving to fulfill our mission, we are guided by our core values. We first and foremost seek to be Christian in tradition, thought, and practice, putting Christ at the center of all we do. We also attempt to be entrepreneurial in action, looking especially to serve those with difficulty accessing the resources we provide. We challenge our students to develop better solutions and think deliberately "out of the box," valuing our students' experiences as vital to merging of the best of theory and practice. And, finally, we are local and global in scope and action, preparing our students to be proactive in a rapidly changing local and global environment.


  • MA in Organizational Leadership
  • MBA in Economic Development with International or Urban Concentration
  • MA in International Development with Global or Urban Concentration
  • MS in Nonprofit Management

We are CHRISTIAN in thought. ENTREPRENEURIAL in action. COLLABORATIVE in style. GLOBAL in perspective.