One East Palo Alto

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2400 Ralmar Ave.
Menlo Park
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About Us

Light and hope are burning brightly in East Palo Alto (EPA). This light is manifest at the very grassroots level, where all meaningful change must begin. One East Palo Alto is helping to drive that process of change, and keeping the light and hope alive.

One East Palo Alto is:

•      a broker and developer of resources and services to the community;

•    a vocal and constant advocate for positive community change; and

•      a trainer and capacity-builder that helps EPA residents and community-based organizations (CBO) work together more effectively to improve quality of life.

One East Palo Alto provides an array of vital support services, capacity and connections to local CBO's and grassroots leaders working to:

•    prepare EPA's youth for success in school;

•    create jobs and positive, pro-social activities for EPA's youth;

•    provide EPA youth and families with resources and supports needed to build resilience and empower themselves to create a better life and future.

One East Palo Alto is a youth-focused, community-based intermediary established 14 years ago with lead support

– a six year grant – from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Neighborhood Improvement Initiative. OEPA’s vision is to transform EPA into a community where residents are celebrated for their diversity -- a community in

which residents are engaged, informed and empowered to develop all the resources they need to enjoy a good quality of life for themselves and their children. Accordingly, OEPA’s mission is to develop resident leadership, broker resources and services, build the capacity of individuals and organizations, and advocate for change leading to the improved social, physical, spiritual, educational and economic well-being of East Palo Alto, CA.