Jeramiah's Miracle Foundation

  • AZ

About Us


To support, with love and encouragement,

families of the seriously ill in any practical

way possible, providing research services,

transportation, education, financial assistance, and a listening ear.


  • An overview of services include (but not limited to):
  • Advocate for the newly diagnosed with compassionate strength offering to BE THERE whether that means a Doctor's appointment or the bedside...
  • Assist with research surrounding medical, naturopathic, alternative treatment, homeopathy...
  • Education for extended family, as well as groups, concerning how to deal with the seriously ill and their caregiver(s)…
  • Provide assistance with basic needs issues such as food, vitamins/supplements, electric bills, etc…

Jeramiah's Miracle Foundation is a not-for-profit advocacy

and support service designed for families who are suffering catastrophic illness.

While our focus is on seriously ill children,

we will not shy away from offering services

to adults.