Schuylerville Preparatory High School

  • NY


3000 East Tremont Avenue
United States

About Us

Schuylerville Preparatory High School is a new 9th to 12th grade college preparatory school. We will be opening this September with a 9th grade. Our mission is to prepare Schuylerville students to be admitted, excel and graduate from a 4 year college through a values based classical education. Schuylerville graduates will be divergent thinkers that are disciplined, focused, creative and moral individuals. Our school culture is grounded in the Schuylerville values of discipline, respect, integrity, preparedness, wisdom and family. Our instructional model is based on the classical education concept of the Trivium which seperates learning into 3 phases: Foundations, Logic and Debate and Rhetoric (Applications). Our DreamReal Advisory Program partners Schuylerville students with success coaches that supports students as they develop and implement Success Development Plans over their 4 years at Schuylerville Prep. We have an intensive focus on literacy through the classics as we prepare all students to become proficient readers and writers. The school offers a variety of clubs, organizations and sports to ensure the complete devlopment of our students.