Sandra Fluke for State Senate

  • CA


Los Angeles

United States

About Us

Sandra’s career has always been devoted to the public interest, whether representing victims of human trafficking and domestic violence or advocating for social justice legislation. In February of 2012, she was unexpectedly thrust into the public eye when she testified before members of Congress regarding the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage for reproductive health. As the media attention and the personal attacks grew, Sandra believed it was her responsibility to stand up and use the microphone she was given to advance the policies she has always fought for.

Sandra has lived and worked in California for years, building coalitions, advocating for legislation, and securing the passage of bills that will change lives for the better. Now, Sandra wants to bring a fresh perspective and a new generation of leadership to the California State Senate. She has the legislative experience to hit the ground running but isn’t a career politician beholden to special interests. That’s why she can effectively create change in Sacramento and fight for her community.