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About Us

The Therapeutic Landscapes Network (TLN) is the leading and most comprehensive resource for gardens and landscapes that promote health and well-being. We provide information, education, and inspiration about healing gardens, restorative landscapes, and other Landscapes for Health™ (defined as any garden or landscape that facilitates health and well-being through connection with nature).

The TLN is an international, multi-disciplinary community of designers, health and human service providers, scholars, and garden and nature enthusiasts who believe that access to nature is an innate need and a basic human right, and that contact with nature, both wild and designed, enables people to live fuller, richer, healthier lives.

The TLN website, which is free and available to everyone who has access to the Internet, is our library, office, classroom, and gathering space. It is where people can obtain and share information, inspire each other, and collaborate to design, build, fund, study, and benefit from Landscapes for Health.