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About Us

iCan Shine is an international charitable nonprofit organization. We collaborate with local organizations and individuals, we refer to as our program ‘hosts’, to conduct over 100 five-day iCan Bike programs in 32 States and 4 Provinces in Canada serving nearly 3,000 people with disabilities each year.

Our organization began in 2007 (under our former name Lose The Training Wheels) and, since then, we have successfully taught approximately 20,000 people with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle. The impact of learning to ride a bicycle independently, and our high level of success in helping people with disabilities accomplish this feat, continues to drive demand for our programs and fuel our growth.

Approximately 80% of the people who participate in our iCan Bike program ride a two-wheel bicycle independently (at least 75 feet with no assistance) by the end of our five-day program while attending for only 75 minutes each day! The remaining 20% make tremendous progress towards this goal and leave our programs accompanied by parents and/or siblings trained as ‘spotters’ to pick up where we leave off!

We continue expanding our flagship iCan Bike program throughout North America and have also successfully piloted two new programs, iCan Swim and iCan Dance, in 2015 which we are now offering on a broader scale.