Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Presence

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About Us

Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Presence (FOR Peace Presence) is an organization dedicated to providing safety, political visibility and solidarity to communities and individuals in Colombia who are working to promote human rights, peace and justice. We accompany communities and organizations that embrace active nonviolence to defend life, land and dignity.

We have had a permanent presence in the peace community of San José de Apartadó since 2002, initially with a field team of two, then three members. In 2005, we established a team in Bogotá to provide support for the San José team, carry out the political work with government officials and the diplomatic core and accompany and support other Colombian partners.

Our other partners in Colombia include high-profile human rights lawyers, conscientious objection organizations, activist groups fighting environmental destruction due to large scale mining, indigenous activists, and others who come under threat for standing up for their beliefs in a principled and non-violent way.

We carry out advocacy in Europe and the U.S., host delegations, organize speaking tours and publish a variety of resources to help folks understand better what is going on in Colombia and how the issues here are connected to issues elsewhere.

We currently have a field team of five, an accountant, a full-time staff program coordinator, a full-time staff director, a part-time organizational consultant, and a part-time investigator. Although we have been doing this work since 2002 as a program of FORUSA, we are now in the process of venturing out on our own as an independent organization. We are excited to carry on this important work in Colombia and explore new paths forward.

To find our more, please visit our website: peacepresence.org

Please contact us at: bogota[at]peacepresence[dot]org