Concordis International

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United Kingdom

About Us

Summary description of the organisation:

Concordis International is a UK registered peacebuilding charity experienced in bringing together people divided by conflict, enabling them to find mutually acceptable solutions and promoting lasting peace.

We are committed to independence, impartiality and inclusivity and are known for our ability to secure the participation of groups who would otherwise be excluded from dialogue processes.

What we do:

  • Facilitate dialogue between groups affected by or emerging from conflict, promoting regionally-appropriate conflict sensitive development that mutually benefits all parties;
  • Maintain the necessary impartiality to engage inclusively with all sections of post-conflict society, including hard-to-reach groups that may formally be boycotting the peace process, government institutions and land-owning elites;
  • Ensure inclusive participation in the peace process by those who might otherwise be excluded, including women and young people;
  • Conduct in-depth research and conflict analysis, addressing the complex and multi-faceted drivers of conflict and providing information and insight, aiding all who are helping to resolve the conflict;
  • Harness a network of regional experts from the developing South who could be brought in to advise the dialogues;
  • Communicate recommendations from dialogue processes to policy makers at the highest level, giving a voice to people who aren't normally heard (including women and young people)
  • Work with and through civil society partner organisations, building in long-term sustainability by building peacemaking capacity in the countries where we work;
  • Deliver bespoke training in peacebuilding, mediation, dialogue facilitation and on overcoming drivers of conflict. Training is given to civil society groups, community notables and government institutions;
  • Once stability is restored, seek consensus on the development priorities that will benefit all parties in a post-conflict environment. We then mobilise resources and matched funding from development agencies, based on Concordis' reputation in this field, to promote conflict sensitive social and economic development;