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About Us

_gaia was founded in 2002 by Doris Caçoilo and Amie Figueiredo. Long time friends and activists, they brought together a group of women to begin organizing around women's issues, activism and supporting local artists. _gaia has grown to have a long list of accomplished programs and events as well as a large group of supporters, artists and volunteers. _gaia's mission remains as a collective of women, for women, for the making of textiles, clothing, printmaking, painting, architecture, music, film, photography, science, the performing arts, writing, environmental, social and political activism: all things which color the lives of the women involved. We actively promote and support the work of local women artists while developing programming to reach out to and help emerging artists in need of studio space, facilities and resources. In our pursuit of awareness we also concentrate on activism, from issues in the local community to global issues affecting the lives of women.