Arts for Art, Inc.

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107 Suffolk Street #300
New York
United States

About Us

Arts For Art is a multi-cultural, artist-initiated organization whose purpose is to build awareness and understanding of avantjazz and related expressive movements while encouraging a sense of community amongst artists and their audiences. Our principal activities are the presentation of innovative, creative music, dance, multi-media performances, spoken word, and the exhibition of visual arts. Arts for art, inc. Is particularly dedicated to the presentation of experimental american music from an afro-american perspective and traditions. Avantjazz is a direct outgrowth of jazz, historically an african-american music. Yet avantjazz has gone world wide gaining audience and artists from all cultures. Thus our programming is multi-racial, reflecting this development of avantjazz into a multi-cultural music.
Avantjazz was developed in new york's lower east side and is acclaimed and supported worldwide, yet avantjazz has remained underexposed and without support in its place of origin. Thus our goals are to acknowledge and sustain the legacy of this artform, while insuring its future by establishing a place for its future development.
From the beginning arts for art and the vision festival have carried a message of clear social awareness. The very institution of arts for art is a political act of self-determination. We hold to the belief that art really moves people and that to move people is a powerful political act.