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About Us

Project C.L.A.S.S.Y is an non-profit organization dedicated to helping young females become the positive, intelligent, leaders they are born to be. This after school and community activity is aimed at providing a place where young women are able to express themselves creatively, effectively and professionally; for them to realize the potential of their intelligence, original ideas, and personality; not just that of physical appearance. We want to build the young women's sense of responsibility, confidence, and potential career paths. The main ways we do this is between six different sectors within the organization.

We have two programs that are being currently being ran as after school programs, Little Miss Classy and I'm So Classy. Little Miss Classy being ran in middle schools only focuses on academics, peer counseling, life coaching and preparedness, self esteem trainings, money management, recognizing goals, rap sessions, etc. Im So Classy is the program being ran only in high schools. This program covers more mature versions of the middle school lessons with the inclusion of financial literacy , college prep and independance trainings.

Another in school initiative that we have is titled "Dare to Be Rare" This program is when Project C.l.a.s.s.y. is called into a school to help or work with a group of girls. This program features peer mediation, ettiquette trainings, sex education , as well as teen parenting and domestic violence courses. Our sublining programs are the "Brains and Beauty Bookclub"( all our girls are provided with a book to discuss and read together in their program) and "Service in a Snap"( our mentees must participate in at least 3 community service events a month, which are usually planned by their mentor. Our most popular program this far is "Classy Outlets", this is the creative and performing arts sector of Project C.l.a.s.s.y. In this programs we have actors, singers, a range of dancers, cheer squads, models, designers, classical musicians, and artists. Some of our girls have sat in board rooms at Davids Bridal, DELOITTE and The Mariott Hotel Corporation. We encourage our girls to market themselves and plan their own events so that they have these experiences as resume builders as they grow professionally.

While we have accomplished a lot of things we are always looking to do more, and we acknowledge that that entails more "woman power".. I look forward to hearing from you, Thank You and Have a Wonderful Day.