Colorful Chances Suriname

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About Us

We of Colorful Chances Suriname i.e. Veelkleurige Kansen Suriname are committed to creating chances by developing people their skills and talents to improve their socioeconomic status. The priority lies with helping underprivileged children through different projects, however also create socioeconomic development projects for adults.

The priority of the organization currently lies in Surinamese children whose upbringing has lacked security, education or love. For these children we try to provide a safe haven to develop themselves and learn to cope with past experiences. For many teenagers that lack to see the opportunities in life we wish to help them find their way again in order to see their goals in life.

We work with adults troubled in sustaining jobs, receiving the right education or raising their kids. We stimulate people to learn a skill and their practice at home aside from domiciliary obligations.

With everybody enjoy exploring talents to accommodate competitive social as well as personal emotional skills. We believe that for underprivileged or insecure people finding your talents is finding your self confidence to get the most out of all chances life offers.