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About Us

ABWF is the world’s leading organization dedicated to helping people consider and create the meaning, direction, and impact they would like in their life, and in the world around them.

We engage and connect with people interested in supporting the meaning, direction, and impact of others, including initiatives to help those individuals living under such conditions that they must focus every moment of their day on survival, unable to consider the possibility of something more.

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You are essential to what happens next.

Whenever you consider the meaning, direction and/or impact you would like in this moment, in your life, or the world around you, change begins.

Change in your thoughts, actions, and interactions… change in how you see yourself and how you approach the world.

Every step, no matter how small, changes you, affecting everyone connected to you, even people you will never meet.

We are a spark, a catalyst, a global movement… inspiring, encouraging, and accelerating you.

In every moment is an opportunity… a better world begins with you.

Need and Benefits

The search for meaning, direction, and impact is vital to everyone. While it is a truth universally acknowledged, billions of people throughout the world have never started or are no longer searching.

Is this a result of overwhelming messages stating who we are and what we want, too many responsibilities, a belief that few people ever find meaning, or fear of failure if it is not found? Whatever the cause, far too many people go through the day without meaning, not considering that lack of direction affects them, and unable to have the impact they would like on their lives, families, work, or communities.

We recognize that many personal, professional, and global issues can be lessened, and even solved, simply by helping people to consider what is important to them, the life they would like to create, and the kind of world in which they want to live. ABWF’s deep reaching, high-impact approach involves building capacities, bringing people together, increasing impact, and reaching those in need that few programs ever touch… to meaningfully change millions of lives.

Research indicates that greater focus on meaning, direction, and impact, especially when one determines it on their own, is a foundation of well-being. It improves health, resilience, relationships, performance, and overall happiness. This focus, no matter how subtle, affects and inspires everyone who is connected to us, including our family, friends, co-workers, community members, and even people we will never meet.

As we meet with leaders across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, each person shares with us the connection they see between our mission and their work in education, health, poverty reduction, hunger relief, community development, democracy, human rights, crime prevention, economic development, performance management, advancing peace, and countless other fields. And, they are all correct.


Our concept programs, education module series, tools, message campaigns, videos, and research are all directly connected to our mission of helping people consider and create the meaning, direction, and impact they would like in their life, and in the world around them.

ABWF tests each program with schools, organizations, and businesses before launch. Once launched, these programs are announced on our social media pages and available instantly on our website; and, all programs are free to the public. We make efforts to recognize program test organizations, sponsors, partners, supporters who share ideas, and stories from people who have been inspired by our programs.


In 1996, a former national youth leader developing programs for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, made the connection between many domestic and global issues and a lack of meaning, direction, and impact people felt in their lives. He was determined to address the issue by engaging and connecting people in “sharing simple, powerful ideas to improve our lives and planet”, encouraging them to consider and create the role they want to play in the world. The first ABWF programs were held at the Olympic Games that summer.

In 2004, ABWF formerly incorporated as a nonprofit in Maryland. It continued to work behind-the-scenes for an additional 8 years through volunteers on coalitions and committees, and as speakers, trainers, consultants, facilitators, and advisors to intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

During this time, ABWF worked on five continents, led initiatives, developed programs, guided declaration processes, and worked with / presented to UN agencies, the World Bank, embassies, State Department, USAID, International Red Cross, Rotary International, universities, and hundreds of NGOs worldwide.

In 2012, the ABWF Board decided to leap forward and take the organization global, sharing its simple powerful concepts and new programs to help people invest in creating a better world for themselves.