Stamford High Upward Bound

  • Connecticut

About Us

Students in the Upward Bound College Prep Program will participate in robust and rigorous learning experiences in/out the classroom that will increase their academic achievement, cultural awareness, and knowledge of higher education. Five years from now each student will be academically prepared, emotionally matured, and on track to complete an undergraduate program of study.

The Four Main Values of the Upward Bound College Prep Program are:

  • Responsibility – Each student is responsible for their performance, academics.
  • Scholarship – Academic performance, educational insight, and learning.
  • Perseverance – Working through complex issues that arise.
  • Uplift – Representing Upward Bound, Stamford High, family, and supporting those in need.

The Upward Bound Program provides:

  • A supportive learning environment that provides academic advising, instruction and tutoring;
  • Dedicated faculty and staff experienced and trained in all aspects of the program;
  • A challenging curriculum in a small setting designed to evaluate and strengthen student comprehension, study, and problem-solving skills;
  • An intensive six-week summer program with academic, cultural, and social activities;
  • Cultural enrichment trips- both local and national to increase global awareness and acceptance;
  • Community service projects to increase citizenship skills and civic engagement; and
  • Assistance in the college admissions process including campus tours and financial aid and scholarship research.