The Helix School

  • CA


145 Lomita Drive
Mill Valley

United States

About Us

The Helix School is a non-profit school, located in Mill Valley, CA, serving children with mild to moderate autism spectrum disorder.  Helix’s mission is to provide high quality instruction to children with ASD, so they may experience the success, self-realization, and fulfillment that come from learning, self-expression, self-care, and community participation. Our teaching strategies are based on recent advances in naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions, with an emphasis on pivotal response training. Different curricula and programs are integrated into the school depending on the needs of the child. Helix’s vision is to provide effective programming for children with ASD by staying current with best practices in education and clinical research. We value a collaborative relationship with parents, caregivers and other professionals to provide a caring and consistent environment across school and home. Our priorities are to respect, appreciate, and encourage each child’s strengths, while providing support and structure to improve attention, self-regulation, language, focus, and life skills.