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About Us

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, creates and scales social enterprises, in an innovative approach to poverty alleviation.  Our enterprises remove the barriers that prevent small producers and entrepreneurs from reaching their potential in developing countries. By taking an enterprise approach we are able to recycle profits, and our ability to scale is therefore not dependent on donor funding.

We have 3 enterprise models: (1) Supply Chain Enterprises provide training, inputs, working capital, and logistics solutions to smallholder farmers, procure their produce, and sell to quality buyers, (2) Distribution Enterprises empower women as entrepreneurs in remote communities and provide a source of affordable, essential consumer and pro-poor goods for resale in their communities, (3) Training Center Enterprises train and place youth in quality jobs.

We have been studying and developing enterprise models in Latin America, the Caribbean, and India for the last three years. We currently manage a portfolio of eight enterprises in five countries: Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Haiti, and India.