Somali Bantu Community Association of Vermont, Inc.

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294 N Winooski Ave
Suite 212B
United States

About Us

The SBCAVT is a small nonprofit organization that was created in 2007 with the express purpose of facilitating the resettlement and integration of the Somali Bantu refugee community through providing educational, cultural, and life skill training programs.

We seek to promote English literacy, promote awareness of American culture, and encourage self-sufficiency within and among the individuals and families comprising the Somali Bantu community in the United States, especially in Vermont, but also to aid refugees, immigrants, or any family or individual who would be in need of our services.

We focus on education as a means of "bridging the gap" for refugee populations and thus work to provide community members the opportunity and training vital for achieving independence.

As such, the SBCAVT has created and currently maintains job-training workshops, financial literacy workshops, resume writing courses, English Learners classes, basic computer proficiency classes (while maintaing a free computer lab) as well as programs and workshops devoted to health, nutrition, child development, and parenting.

We also maintain the "accessibility program" which focuses on making human services and state or federal aid accessible to our constituents.