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About Us

CAMEROON YOUTH CONFEDERATION CYC (NGO) MOTTO: Unity Creativity And Progress REG: 4/G.37/D14/1/VOL11/310 OAPP 20th July 1998 LIMBE


MISSION: Our mission is to empower our youths to become assets and not liability to society.

OBJECTIVES OF CYC (NGO) -To take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of youths. -To empower the youths with the necessary education, training and resource for the purpose of self-employment and poverty alleviation. -To create opportunities of sharing ideas, information and resource amongst the youths and also promote the learning of local and global issues. -To promote the ethics and norms of the society by building a network of trust, value and charity in the community. -To create a pathway towards a sustainable future and advocating programmes that can help its target group (youth) meet future challenges of life with confidence and wisdom.


CYC(NGO) activities shall focus on the following: -Education, Arts Culture and Information. -Micro Financing and Training. -Networking amongst the youths.


As an NGO working with youth communities, our aim is to achieve the followings: 1) Education that will help in capacity building and character development. 2) Develop community self help groups and individuals that will decrease local dependency. 3) Promote community oriented off campus training. 4) Bring the youths together (inter and intra culturally). 5) Increase youths awareness on social issues such as those related to crime, violence, drug abuse, human rights, environment and health care. The vision of CYC (NGO) after a long study and research shows that for the youths to become instrumental weapons to society and not a burden, the following activities should be put in place: -Grass root education and training support program -Youth initiative development -National youth craft and cultural annual festival -Organize the youths at the grass root level in other to promote networking.

ACTIVITES In other to create suitable learning and actionable oriented environment for the youths, CYC will offer the following services: A) YOUTH INFORMATION AND RESOURCE CENTER 1) Internet services that will serve as a bank of resourceful information. 2) Book exhibition and public library. 3) Educative publications where by monthly news letters, magazines and news papers will be made available to the youths.

B) AVOCATION OF EDUCATIVE PROGRAMMES. Through public lectures, workshops, conferences and symposiums. C) YOUTH INITIATE DEVELOPMENT FUND Create and encourage loans and saving cooperatives that will promote entrepreneurship amongst the youths. D) YOUTH CRAFT AND CULTURAL FESTIVAL 1) We shall involve in organizing and participating in arts crafts and cultural festival at both the local, national and international levels. 2) Create and promote public museums. 3) Develop recreational centers. E) Organize our target population (general assembly) in other to foster communication and standardize the administration of the organization. THE ADMINISTRATIVE STUCTURE OF CYC (NGO)