Nalanda Monastery

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Labastide Saint Georges

About Us

Nalanda Monastery is situated in a unique environment in rural France where western monastics are striving to train in Buddhist philosophy, monastic discipline and meditation practice to embody the Buddha’s teachings in order to preserve them and make them accessible to others.

Nalanda is a Buddhist monastery for Western monks in the Tibetan Geluk tradition whose community comprises around 30 monks and 30 lay people (male and female-students, volunteers and local helpers), representing over 15 nationalities.


Nalanda’s Sangha, as ambassadors of the Buddha’s teachings, aim to inspire others through example, ethical behaviour and by explaining the practice of love, patience, compassion and wisdom.

We give/organise regular Dharma teachings in regional centres and, upon request, in schools and universities. Additionally, we organise conferences between scientists and Buddhist contemplatives. We engage in inter-religious dialogue in a local forum, participating in activities to promote religious understanding. We have very good contact with Christian communities like the Benedictine monks at “En Calcat” monastery as well as with the local muslim community.

In the present time of great material development, hectic lifestyles and increasing violence, Nalanda aims to fulfill the need for places where people can cultivate their positive human qualities, find answers to essential questions such as how to deal with negative emotions and experience happiness and peace of mind. Therefore, we offer support and guidance to all spiritual seekers wishing to engage in meditation retreats, Introductory teachings for volunteers and locals and an indepth residential study programme.

It is only due to the existence of monasteries like Nalanda, that the ancient wisdom of the great masters can be preserved in a living tradition and continue to be passed on to future generations. Since the time of the Buddha until the present day, it is the monastic communities who take on the responsibility of transmitting the Buddha’s teachings in an unbroken lineage. Nalanda also produces a variety of Buddhist art; repairing, decorating and consecrating holy objects and statues and making Thankas (Tibetan paintings depicting buddhist deities).