Ixquic Spanish School

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7a avenida Norte #74A
Antigua Guatemala

About Us

We are pleased to introduce our Spanish School to you, Ixquic. An independent non-profit project located in Antigua Guatemala, Central America.

All our teachers are natives, certified, experienced and very patients!! We provide Spanish lessons, not only the idiom, but the culture, ethnicity and the passion of Guatemalan people.

Regardless of your reason to learn SPANISH, we have the perfect course to suit your needs whatever they are, with accommodation (optional) and even a pickup service from the airport to your place!!

Our Spanish program will launch students to the Spanish language and cultures in age-grade matched classes. Class time will be spent exploring the Spanish language through lessons, as well as fun activities.

While studying at Ixquic Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala you have the opportunity to develop your knowledge of Spanish in an environment that will enable full immersion allowing you to expand your knowledge in the language and enjoy a variety of cultural and tourist attractions.

Our greatest commitment is to provide the highest quality education to our students and provide work to the female teachers in Antigua Guatemala.

We support women’s economy specially divorced, widow, single moms that are heads of families highly qualified in the field of education, who seek to overcome through education, and give a better life to their children.

Another way to maximize your educational experience is to immerse yourself by volunteering at one of the many local projects that help to support and educate Antigua’s unfortunate, orphaned and abandoned children. We will be happy to introduce you to the wide variety of charitable organizations in the area, and help you get involved in one that is right for you! This way you can make a big difference while adding richness and fulfillment to your experience.