Brothers Redevelopment, Inc.

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About Us

Brothers Redevelopment is a Denver-based nonprofit organization that provides housing and a variety of housing-related services for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.

Brothers Redevelopment provides a variety of affordable housing options for more than 500 low-income seniors and families at 12 properties located throughout the Denver metro area. These federally-subsidized independent living complexes provide a safe, secure and comfortable setting for those in need. At a few of our properties, we also work with other nonprofit and service agencies to provide more extensive health and wellness, recreation and transportation services.

Brothers Redevelopment primarily coordinates repairs that improve in-home safety and mobility for clients--from the construction of wheelchair ramps to minor electrical and plumbing repairs. Because we strive to help our disabled and elderly clients maintain and remain in their homes despite their physical and financial limitations, the repairs are generally completed at or below the cost—and our agency does all it can to secure funding sources on behalf of its clients.

Certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a comprehensive housing counseling agency, Brothers Redevelopment works to promote, preserve and protect homeownership. Our programs include Homebuyer Counseling and Workshops, Online Homebuyers Education, Default Mortgage Counseling, Reverse Mortgage Counseling.

Between March and September each year, Brothers Redevelopment works alongside event sponsors and more than 2,000 caring volunteers to paint the houses of income-qualified senior and disabled homeowners in cities across the Front Range - ALL FREE OF CHARGE.