BOSAFWE Foundation Initiative

  • Makindye


Nsambya- Makindye Road
P.O Box 36549 Kampala

About Us

We established this orgernization after taking in consideration nature of living of the Villages in Uganda and the developing coutries at large. Its uniform that the problems faced by rural areas in the developing countries does not differ in any way, We found out that to address the touph biting poverty, we need to consider the source of income which can bring on borad all person equally, and we brought up the women, youth and eledrly, under one umbrela of Sustianabe agriculture, food security, women empowerment, nutrition and water harvest. We found out that all these programmes work hand in hand as they all work as sister projects in sufficent maintenance of Agriculture, Food security and poverty eradication. despite the fact that our programme address poverty eradication but its very meaningful when it comes to generating income in the home steads of the developing countries. We target to eneter all neigbhoring countries by acqauring legal statuts and later form parternship and cretaed beneficary groups.