Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association

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4408 Delridge Way SW
United States

About Us

DNDA integrates Art, Nature, and Neighborhood to build and sustain a dynamic Delridge. We approach all our work through a lens of social, racial, and environmental justice.

Our goals are to:

• Celebrate the diversity of cultures

• Encourage connections between people

• Increase opportunities for the participation of young people in community life

• Encourage collaboration and synergy among organizations

• Increase opportunities for lifelong learning

• Increase opportunities for art, recreation and play

• Promote healthy people and healthy organizations

• Increase economic opportunity

• Increase opportunities for selling and buying goods and services within the Delridge corridor

• Encourage the development of neighborhood business districts with a mix of uses

• Preserve environmental quality

• Improve the quality of the built environment

• Preserve and increase opportunities for affordable housing for a range of incomes

Latest Listings

Volunteer House Manager (Volunteer Opportunity)