The International Institute of the Bengali and Himalayan Basins

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About Us

First and foremost, our mission is to find policy and technology-based solutions for the people living the Bengali and Himalayan basins who are facing water shortages due to agricultural overdraft and the impacts of climate change, as well as poor governmental management and industrial pollution. With the successes in that area in mind, we hope to operate globally using previous work in the Asian subcontinent as a model for addressing the water crisis in other emerging economies. The Himalayan and Bengal Basins and their vast catchment areas are home to one of our planet’s most important and sensitive fresh water resources. This region includes a unique variety of ecosystems, spanning elevations ranging from the world’s highest peaks to one of the lowest lands of the planet. The extreme variety of elevations, geographies, and ecosystems make this region exceptionally valuable for developing remediation technologies for the rest of the planet.