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About Us

Magnum Foundation champions in-deoth, independent documentary photography that fosters empathy, engagement, and positive social change.

Magnum Photos is renowned for producing iconic images that have shaped our perceptions and understanding of world events since 1947. The photographers of Magnum Photos established the Magnum Foundation in 2007 to uphold the highest standards in journalism and artistic excellence.

With more cameras, phones, and images than we could ever imagine, we now exist within a constant stream of content — often times lacking important context. We have witnessed the media landscape change rapidly over the last decade, and with it, resources have diminished for independent documentary photographers to create in-depth, thoughtful work in the public interest.

Magnum Foundation embraces the challenges of this shifting paradigm. We provide documentary photographers with what they need to produce meaningful high-impact visual stories. We are grant-makers, collaborators, and thought leaders, who believe in the use of photography as a tool for global engagement and social change. Transcending issues, borders and disciplines, the Magnum Foundation is bringing together a network of support and inspiration for the documentary photography community that is dedicated to keeping creative and critical eyes on world.