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About Us

In 1918, the Foreign Policy Association was founded as the League of Free Nations Association. Formed by 141 distinguished Americans to support President Woodrow Wilson’s peace efforts, the Association was reconstituted in 1923 as the Foreign Policy Association. John Foster Dulles and Eleanor Roosevelt were among the founders.

Off the Record® (OTR) was created in 1938 by 19 prominent women, including Eleanor Robson Belmont (later known as Mrs. August Belmont), to give women a greater voice in foreign policy discussions. OTR was founded as a series of lectures solely for women, to be conducted in smaller, more intimate groups and "off the record,” so that speakers would not be quoted in the press. Today, OTR enables our 500+ members (both men and women) and their guests to hear and to question renowned foreign policy leaders and thinkers on a regular basis. OTR is a non-profit, non-partisan organization.

Our 20 plus annual events reflect the viewpoints of leading speakers in the fields of government, politics, business, academia, think tanks, journalism and the arts. Recent past speakers have included Fareed Zakaria and Clarissa Ward, of CNN; Ian Bremmer, Founder and CEO of the Eurasia Group; Ambassador Nicholas Burns, Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO; David Miliband, Chairman of the International Rescue Committee; and Kim Barker, Author of Whisky Tango Foxtrot, among many others.