Polaris Project Japan

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About Us

Polaris Project is an anti-trafficking organization working to combat this form of modern-day slavery. With the goal of eliminating human trafficking, Polaris Project provides services to victims, conducts advocacy, and supports anti-trafficking agencies. In addition to providing victim support through services such as our multi-lingual hotline, we also operate a human trafficking database to combat this inhumane crime.

First developed by the Japanese staff at Polaris Project Washington DC office in the US, Japan office is committed to work closely with existing agencies to strengthen our collective efforts against trafficking. Our current programs include Community Outreach, Victim Support Services, Law Enforcement Training Collaboration, Advocacy Raising Public Awareness, Trafficking Research Database, and Technical Support Services for Anti-Trafficking Agencies.

Polaris Project is operated by committed staff and volunteers, usually 10 to 15 active members at a time. Interns and volunteers take vital roles to eradicate trafficking in Japan. We welcome you to join the fight against trafficking in Japan, by sharing your time and skills, as well as contributing as a "Polaris Partner".