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About Us

Humane League Labs is the research arm of The Humane League, an international non-profit dedicated to farm animal advocacy. Our mission is to inform advocacy strategies through actionable research on their effectiveness.

Since its creation in 2013, Humane League Labs has pioneered exploratory research on various forms of activism related to the mission of The Humane League. Today, we have a comprehensive research agenda covering all of the three broad categories of mass-scale interventions used in the farm animal advocacy movement: outreach to individuals, campaigns for institutional reforms, and facilitation activities which ease our society's transition away from the use and abuse of animals.

The Humane League, since its inception in 2005, has held a steadfast commitment to a continual revision of its campaign strategies and priorities, informed by a deep interest in our effectiveness on behalf of animals and the value we see in evidence-driven advocacy. Humane League Labs holds a strong commitment to actionable research, high standards of transparency, good statistical practices, and a steady focus on animal-centric metrics in all of our research.